How To Design The Perfect Bays For Vehicles At A Business Complex

One of the biggest questions that we all face today whenever we go anywhere is how and where we can keep our vehicles safe while we are doing the daily chobike-parking-racksres or discussing something important. A big reason why people may be unwilling to even go to a certain establishment could actually be behind the fact that people do not have a safe place to keep their vehicles at while they are doing their work. If the company has only provided this facility for employees and not for customers that could end up becoming a real problem. So here are some great tips on how you can design the perfect bays for vehicles at a business complex.

Install speed humps
There will be a lot of heavy traffic during the peak traffic hours like when the work starts in the mornings and during the evening when office closes. You will need to make use of road signs Perth to indicate factors like the speed limits, the exit point, entry point and the opening and closing hours of the business and any other info. Use speed humps to ensure that you will be able to slow traffic down to safe and manageable levels during this time. In doing so you will be able to lower the levels of congestion in and around the bays of the building and you will also be making it a much safer environment for everybody using it. It will also help everybody to go about their way without jamming up the exits for everybody.

Bays for light vehicles
When you install bays for vehicles, they should not just be restricted to just cars and the likes, even the lighter vehicles, should have allocated bays so that they too can be kept there safely. For example, even if you cannot have bike parking racks, have allocated spaces with safety measures in place to ensure that all your employees and customers get a fair spot. Not all of the people who come into your business complex will be driving a car or a van or the likes or the right light vehicle bays are really important to have.

Including wheel stops
You will need to install some of these to make sure that the vehicles do not go over the boundaries that have been allocated because if they do start to slide on forward they may pose a hazard for the pedestrians around. These are usually either made of rubber, concrete or steel. These are some of the ways in which you can make sure that the bays in your business complex are safe and easily accessible to everyone who needs to use it.