Mobile trucks are often used as a food trucks for a small business purpose and it is not easy to own food truck. You should not do common mistake about vehicle maintenance. As much your vehicle is smart it is helpful for care of food and safety for unintentionally accidents. When any vehicle does accident it value goes down in the market and you may also have to suffer from of loss of many other appliance installed for mini kitchen.

It doesn’t matter how old truck you are using or brand new, if maintenance is poor it is high cost for you and your business activity will also be disturbed. Let’s discuss some common mistake about vehicle maintenance that you should always prevent.


Don’t you ever try to save you money by delaying routine maintenance of your truck it will result you in a big loss very soon and you will have to pay very much high amount for repairing and replacement of damaged parts. Air filters have limited capacity for filtering of air after that some air filters required to be replaced and some are re-usable after deep wash. Oil must be change after the given mileage capacity of oil after that your engine would get some difficulties in smooth performance soon it will start to jam and you could face repairing of whole engine. Whenever you feel that brake pads need to be replace so don’t wait a single minute to do it, can result in damage to different parts and available peoples on the truck are in danger.

Air pressure in tires should be checked in routine and if there is over pressure of air is available in the tires can lead to blast of tires while your food mobile truck is on the road. It is suggested that after every three thousand miles with the help of test available for tires, in-case of failure immediately change the tires. Heavy duty batteries are installed in Food Mobile Trucks for from start of the engine to the kitchen activities and many more. You must have to routine check for your battery of truck to avoid any uncertain failure of battery during working hours.

For the operation of the installed appliance in food truck there are sockets, switches, wiring and additional battery for power, you must check all these electrical items to avoid any kind of short circuit in the truck that may lead to extreme fire (in some cases)

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